Amanda Crivaro

b June 22, 1985 Miami, FL

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Art Crivaro

b April 4, 1949

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Andrew "Shine" Turner

b February 6, 1956 Clarksdale, MS
2nd Cousin of Ike Turner as Andrew's father,
Van S. Turner Sr. & Ike were 1st cousins.
Mother is Julia.
Grandmother is Amanda Davis, Van Sr. mother.
Niece is Jameisa Turner, daughter of Evelyn Turner & Super Chikan Johnson.

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Augusta Palmer, Ph.D.

Degree in Cinema from NYU Tish School of the Arts

b Little Rock, AR

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Augusta is the daughter of Blues Writer & Blues Historian

  Robert Franklin Palmer Jr.

b June 19, 1945 Little Rock, AR    d November 20, 1997 Valhalla, NY
Robert spent time with Jr Kimbrough & R L Burnside, and Robert is well
known for his book "Deep Blues" from 1982.  Robert was a graduate of
Little Rock University. He started out in a Rock Band playing clarinet & sax
in New York in 1967. Traveled with William S. Burroughs & Ornette Coleman
to Morocco to meet with Jajouka reed & drum players.
He was a music editor for The New York Times in the 1980's and he
was a contributing editor for Rolling Stone magazine.

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