Alvin Youngblood Hart
Gregory E. Hart

b March 2, 1963 - Oakland, CA

Grammy Award (47th 2-14-2005) Best Traditional Folk Album
W.C. Handy Award in 1997.

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Although born in California Greg frequented Carrollton, MS to visit his grandparents.
His uncle played guitar and talked of Charley Patton while his Grandmother played
the piano.  He received his nickname "Alvin" from the TV cartoon character Alvin of
The Chipmunks.  Alvin began playing the guitar in his teens and after his parents
moved to Illinois, started visiting Maxwell street and met all the regular musicians
on the street.  After another move to southern California, Alvin began playing
acoustic blues by himself.  While in the Coast Guard, Alvin was stationed in
Natchez, MS and played the local scene when he was off duty.  While back in
California, Alvin opened for Taj Mahal and was signed to a contract and
ended up with Okeh-Epic Records.  Alvin's debut recording was "Big Mama's Door",
and was well received.  In 1997 Alvin received a record five nominations for
the W C Handy awards.  When Alvin is not out solo or touring with his Mighty
Muscle Theory Band, he works with his wife in her Memphis, TN guitar repair shop.
If Alvin is playing in your area and you don't make it, you didn't do yourself a favor!

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