Big Bad Smitty - John Henry Smith

b February 11, 1940 - Vicksburg, MS
d April 3, 2002 - Jackson, MS

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Big Bill Morganfield - Stanley Morganfield Jr.

b Jun 19, 1956 Chicago, IL

Handy Blues Award Winner in 2000.

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Big George Brock

b May 16, 1932 Grenada, MS  d April 10,2020 St Louis, MO

George was quoted in various interviews stating he had 42 children.
Here's 28 listed in his obituary:
Albert, Alma, Bessie, Calvin, Chrystal, Clifton, Connie, Cortez, Delisha.
Erica, George, George, George, George, Georgia, Georgia,
Jake, Jake, Jacqueline, Jerry, Jerry, Kenneth,
Kimberly, Laanna, Melissa, Paula, Vincent, William.

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Big Don

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