Blind Mississippi Morris
Morris Cummings

b April 6,1955 Greenwood, MS

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A cousin of Willie Dixon, a nephew of Mary Tanner of the Harps of Melody,
and a cousin of Robert &  Mary Diggs of the legendary Mississippi Sheiks led
Morris into the life of Blues music.  He was put into an institution at age 4 and
stayed there for 10 years.  In 1980, Morris went to Memphis and played Beale
Street and also played in W.C. Handy park for tips.  He made a living playing the
streets until 1987 when Beale  Street changed.  Street musicians were
discouraged as the clubs wanted paying patrons on the inside.  In 1995 "You
Know I Like That" was released on Icehouse Records Label.  The album is mostly
original tunes with Morris Vocals & harmonica backed by the Pocket Rockets.
Delta Blues at its finest.  In 2006 Morris toured and played with Reverend Slick Ballinger.

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