Robert Johnson Lohr
AKA Bob Lohr

b Sturgeon Bay, WI

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Bob Margolin

Handy Award Winner 2005, 2008

b May 9, 1949 - Brookline, MA

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Bob Row

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Bobby Rush - Emmit Ellis Jr.

Handy Award Winner 2005, 2007, 2008
Hall of Fame 2006
Grammy Award 2016-Traditional Blues Album-Porcupine Meat

b November 10, 1933 - Homer, LA

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Bobby "Blues" Rutledge

Robert Allen Rutledge b July 11, 1971 Everett, WA

Leland, MS

Bobby left the U.S. on 8-17-2005 with a one-way ticket to Amsterdam!
But he returned to Washington after a few years.

email Bobby at

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Robert P. Wardlaw
AKA Bobby Law
AKA Cleophis the Comedian

BET Host and Comedian and Musician

b February 2, 1962 Columbus, GA   d August 29, 2018 Los Angeles, CA

ex Marine Gunner Sergeant
fronted band Smooth Sensations

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Bob Case

b St Louis, MO

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