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Congratulations 2007 King Tuck and Queen Lady Sonshine

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IweganRick.jpg (42347 bytes)The 2007 Britt Hobo gathering officially kicked off at 7 P.M. on Thursday August Crowd3.jpg (67764 bytes)9th at the Fire Lighting Ceremony under reigning 2006 King Iwegan and Queen MS Charlotte.  Redbird Express explained the story and led the salute to the Four Winds.



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VideoProfSkinner.jpg (28386 bytes)Here's a Russian film crew doing an VideoProfSkinner2.jpg (44949 bytes) interview with our Hobo scientist, Prof Skinner.  The professor is internationally known as an expert in the field of Napierian logarithms.  In addition, Steve has recently released his latest treatise titled, "Sexual Promiscuity Among Naked Mole Rats."



On Friday, August 10, 2007 wedding bells were heard for Baloney Kid and Lady Bug.  Preacher Steve led the services which included bride maids, groomsmen, a flower girl, ushers, escorts, photographers, musicians, hecklers, hoboes, cake, and punch at the reception, along with several women crying, including the Bride!  Click on the picture to see how it turned out. 


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LibertySonrise.jpg (43682 bytes)The Hobo musicians entertained the large crowd Luther.jpg (26884 bytes) with a variety of songs.  Hobo musicians playing in 2007 were Stoney Footwalker, Graincar Geo, Danville Dan, Backwoods Jack,  Luther the Jet, Road Hog USA, Serenity, Sunrise, Grandpa Dudley, Bassman Ken, Captain Dingo, Baloney Kid, Pied Piper, Don Grubb, Birdman, Jason Eklund, Randy Torgerson, Liberty Justice, Dave on doghouse bass, and Windy City Tom.


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Many of the Hoboes set up camp near the boxcar and those with campers
preferred the Hobo Pavilion area just East of the showers.

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No one went hungry as the kitchen was manned continuously by an experienced crew such 
as Road Hog, RoadHog.jpg (30031 bytes) Keystone Bob, Preacher Steve, SherylVirginia.jpg (30888 bytes) Roadkill, Sheryl, Virginia, and several others.
Special mention is given to O So and  White Lightning as they handled the evening meals
for two straight days.  Meals consisted of flapjacks, eggs, sausage, stew,
two kinds of soups, corn on the cob, a medley of vegetables, cucumbers,
tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon, and ice cream bars for dessert.
If you missed out on a meal, it was your own fault.


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      Cemet1.jpg (45683 bytes)The Hoboes and others convened at the Evergreen Cemetery to Guard1.jpg (42287 bytes) pay their
respects to the Hoboes buried in previous years.  A VFW  Color Guard was in
attendance also.  The Texas Madman presided over the ceremonies and
the featured tribute speakers were Wanda Graham and her two daughters.
A group hobo picture followed the cemetery services.


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The Hobo gatherings are a great place to meet new friends and to jaw with old friends.

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Parade day and free Mulligan stew!

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