"Cadillac" John Nolden

b April 12, 1927 - Sunflower, MS

A Blues harmonica player from Renova, MS John grew up working
the plantations plowing with mules before sunrise.  As a
young man he formed a group with four Nolden brothers.
Most recently in 2018, John plays with guitarist Bill Abel.

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Cade Moore - Mississippi Mudd

b 1988 Clarksdale, MS

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Charlee Tidrick

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Chris Taylor

b March 13, 1959 St Louis, MO

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Cody Dickinson

b TN

Handy Blues Award Winner in 2001

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Conrad Oberg

b 1994 Jacksonville, FL

Conrad has been blind since birth

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Carrie Ledbetter

Clarksdale, MS

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