Casey Moore

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Carlos Elliot Jr

b October 17, 1981 Pereira, Columbia

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Carson Diersing

b 1997 Indianapolis, IN

At age 13, became the youngest harmonica player ever signed by Hohner.

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Jeriah St Cyr - Catus - Cactuar

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Cash McCall - Morris Dollison Jr.

b January 28, 1941 New Madrid, MO
d April 20, 2019 Merrillville, IN

Cash moved to Chicago at an early age.  Played with Otis Clay and
 the Gospel Songbirds. Used the name Cash McCall starting in 1966.
Toured  with Lou Christie and Mitch Ryder for Dick Clark.
Worked with Willie Dixon, Jimmy Dawkins, Johnny Twist, and Geo
 "Wild Child" Butler in the late 1960's. Moved to LA in 1976.

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