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Cat Head Blues Store

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Owner Roger Stolle, explained to me that he had more fun working with Bluesmen the likes
of T-Model Ford or Super Chikan then he did in his previous life as a St. Louis
corporate executive.  During my latest visit, Roger seemed to be quite calm while he
waited on customers, gave directions, made coffee, put out chairs  for guests, took pictures,
answered the phone, and checked inventory.  Roger is certainly a Blues  Dude and has had
musicians performing at the store such as: James "Super Chikan" Johnson, KM Williams,
Washboard Jackson, Elam McKnight, Keith Carter, Robert Belfour, Honeyboy Edwards,
T-Model Ford,  Ray-Ray, Louis Gearshift Youngblood, Terry Bean, Mississippi Mudd,
Terry "Big T" Williams, Robert Kimbrough, most of the Burnsides, and Jimbo Mathus. 
Whenever you're in the Clarksdale, MS area, stop in to see Roger as he'll have the music
you need, and he'll know what Blues Events are going on. At one time, Roger had a dog
that pretended to be a Cat-"Sadi Mae Taylor Stolle",

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