Foster "Mr. Tater" Wiley

b March 29, 1947      d September 10, 2010 Memphis, TN

You could call Tater a street performer and he was visible throughout
Clarksdale, MS riding his bike from club to club.  A Clarksdale character
familiar to everyone visiting the area.  Tater had been written up or
appeared in the New York Times, NPR, BBC, CBS, and CNN.  Buried
outside of Clarksdale at the Pilgrim's Rest Church.

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Christone "Kingfish" Xavier Ingram

2022 64th Grammy's
Best Contemporary Blues Album

b January 19, 1999 Clarksdale, MS

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Another accomplished guitarist from Clarksdale, MS.
Been on stage with Buddy Guy, Tedeschi Trucks, Guitar Shorty,
and many others.  On Rachael Ray Show & Steve Harvey Show.
On NPR with Rapper Rakim. Played several popular overseas
Blues Festivals starting in 2019.

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Yep, been in the White House too!

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Lee Andrew Williams Jr

b November 5, 1983

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