Derrick Thomas
Deric or Derick

b April 24, 1958 St Louis, MO

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Denise Thimes

b St Louis, MO

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Damon "3D" Daniel

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Dan Yaeger

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Daniel 'Slick' Ballinger

b May 26, 1984 NC

Handy Award Winner 2007
Best New Artist Debut

Signed with OhBoy Records in 2004

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Downhome, lowdown, and soulful are fitting descriptions of this young
man's Blues.   He started around the age of 15 in North Carolina, and at the
age of 18 Slick spent the summer with Otha Turner in Gravel Springs, MS picking
up more influence in roots, country, and raw blues.  Despite being a young person,
he is an accomplished showman.  In 2004, Slick won the Albert King
guitar award for the most promising guitarist at the IBC show in
Memphis, TN.  In 2008, Reverend Slick resided in Como, MS. and
toured with Terry Harmonica Bean & Blind Mississippi Morris at times. 

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Franklin Eugene Koehl Jr
aka Danville Dan - Al Ferguson

b 3-8-1931 Washington D.C.      d 01-21-2013 Dobson, NC

Dan was known as "The Singing Hobo" and also was a Navy Veteran.

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Darren Dortin - Double D

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Danny Pace

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Darrell Nulisch

b September 14, 1952 - Dallas, TX

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