Richard Augustus Wagstaff Clark Jr.

b November 30,1929 Mt. Vernon, NY - d April 18, 2012 Santa Monica, CA

Emceed American Bandstand 1957 to 1987
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - 1993
Grammy Trustees Award - 1990

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Dexter White

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Dick "The Poet" Lourie

b December 31, 1937 Hackensack, NJ

Lives in Somerville, Massachusetts but frequents Clarksdale, MS on most
Blues events.  Accomplished scholar and published Poet.

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Dick Waterman

b July 14, 1935 Plymouth, MA

Mgr for Son House, Bukka White, Skip James, MS John Hurt,
Lightning Hopkins, Jr Wells, J B Hutto & many others.

Blues Hall of Fame in 2000

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Captain Dingo

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Don "Road Hog USA" Desimone

Salt Lake City, UT & Reno, Nevada
born November 26, 1940      died January 13, 2011 in Reno, NV

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Road Hog USA, a great friend.  Road Hog came out of California as a young
man due to family problems.  He teamed up with some fellows in a hobo jungle
as a teenager and with their help, got the right clothes and built a bedroll
and headed North.  Road Hog told me that when he saw Mt Shasta from the
train, he knew this was the better life he wanted.  He said I never looked back.
I was always glad to run into Road Hog as he could brighten your day just being
around him.  No matter what town you were in Road Hog knew the ins & outs;
where to get a shower, cheap food, and a safe place to bed down.  I remember
being up early one morning as the sun was just coming up for the day and
walked uptown to maybe find something to eat and as I approached a small
cafe, I could hear a harmonica playing and then I heard Road Hog singing
"You Are My Sunshine."  No one was around, Road Hog was just playing for himself
and the joy of being on the road for another day and being free to carry on
as he pleased.  Always a big smile and a kind word.  A joyous man to be
around and he will be missed by all who knew him.

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Robert Lee "Dr Feelgood" Potts

b February 13, 1943 Greenwood, MS  d November 18, 2020 Memphis, TN

Father of Sheba b 1-30-???? Chicago and Marktaviis

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Eric "JJ" Johnson

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Dwayne Mitchell

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Dwight Harris

b March 3, 1967

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