David Peaston

Brother of Fontella Bass

b March 13, 1957 St Louis, MO    d February 1, 2012 St Louis, MO

Won a Soul Train Award in 1990.
Won several times at Showtime at the Apollo in the 1980's.
Recorded with Geffen Records.
Toured with Gladys Knight and with his sister Fontella Bass.
Died from complications of diabetes.

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Daniel L. Russell
One Hand Dan

b April 16, 1985 Splendora, Texas
ex-professional wrestler from 2000 to 2013

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David Hayden

b October 20, 1951 Presque Isle, ME

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Dione Thomas
b July 14, 1975 Marks, MS

Dione Moved to Kansas City in 2000, but returned to Clarksdale, MS in 2016.
Upon return Dione rejoined his brother Harvell and reactivated The Stone Gas Band.
New members included MZZ Ann (Dione's wife), Andrew Shine Turner and Billy Gibson.

Dione and his brother Harvell played in the 2nd Sunflower Blues
Festival in 1989 with Johnnie Billington held at MLK Park on Sunflower Ave.

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The Original Stone Gas Band was very popular and included Howard
Stovall-keyboards; Terry 'Big T' Williams-guitar; Harvell Thomas-bass;
Dione Thomas-drums; Arthneice Jones-harmonica/vocals;
and Patrick 'The Rocker' Murphy-vocals.
You can see a performance from Oct. 5, 1991 in Margaret's Blue
Diamond Lounge titled "Juke Joint Saturday night".
This Video recording also includes performances by Big Jack Johnson
and his band including Sam Carr, Big T and David Porter.

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Jean-Claude Droux

b May 5, 1948 Bulle Fribourg Switzerland

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Don Bernhardt

b Los Angeles, CA

Austin, TX bass player in 2018

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