David Kearney - Guitar Shorty

b September 8, 1939 - Houston, TX    d April 20, 2022 Los Angeles
Handy Blues Award Winner in 2007, 1992

Married Marsha Hendrix-Stepsister of Jimi.
Toured with Ray Charles, Guitar Slim, and Sam Cooke.
Won "Gong Show" in 1978 while standing on his head!
Discovered by Willie Dixon and recorded on the Cobra label in 1957.
Also recorded on JSP Label & Black Top.
2004 release is "Watch Your Back" on Alligator Records.

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David Dee - David D. Eckford

b March 24, 1938 Greenwood, MS    d March 21?, 2023 Fairview Heights, IL
However moved to East St Louis at an early age.

Daughters Gina & Lesley Eckford play with David.

Moved to Chicago in 1953.  Returned to East St Louis, IL in 1963.

Played with Howlin Wolf, Albert King, & Jimmy Reed.

www.DavidDeeandthe Hottracks.com

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David & Sara Surkamp

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Dave Cawvey - Harmonica Dave

b October 29, 1956  d May 6, 2009 St Louis, MO

Dave's Brother Timothy Allen Cawvey b May 1, 1961 died March 27, 2008

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Dave Easley

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Dave Antonio

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Dave Black

b Hammond, IN

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Dave Johnstone

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