Erin Bode

b 1977 Hutchinson, MN

Hutchinson Water Carnival Queen

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Erskine Oglesby

b January 20, 1937 St Louis, MO      d March 7, 2004 St Louis, MO

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Ernest Tarvel

East St Louis, IL

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Elam McKnight

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Eugene "BJ" Stokes IV

b September 17, 1986 Clarksdale, MS

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Earl Gibson
The "Sensational" Ink Spots

b 1921 Columbus, MS   -   d October 17, 2008 Fairview Heights, IL

1987 Grammy Song Award-If I Didn't Care (Decca 1939)

Played a Sunday night gig in St Louis, MO for the last ten years preceding
his death.  Earl moved to St Louis in 1945 after living in Chicago.  He learned
to play guitar by himself and won an amateur contest and was invited to play a
St Louis club, which led to a lifelong career as a musician.  An original member
of the Ink Spots recruited Earl to tour with "The Sensational Ink Spots.
Earl toured for many years and returned home to St Louis to retire.  He played
the St Louis joints in retirement to the delight of the everyone and became
known for his take on "If I Didn't Care" an Ink Spots original song.

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