Earnest "Guitar" Roy, Jr.

b September 25, 1958 Clarksdale, MS

Playing the blues since age 5!
Played lead guitar at age 13 and toured with Albert King in the late 1980's.

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Eddie Cusic

b January 4, 1926 Wilmot, MS      d August 11, 2015 Leleand, MS

Grew up on the family farm and learned to play the diddly bow
before buying a guitar from Sears-Roebuck.
Started out playing in a three piece group that included Little Milton Campbell.
Also played with James "Son" Thomas in the Greenville, MS area.

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Eden Brent - Little Boogaloo

b November 16, 1965 Greenville, MS

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Eugene Johnson

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Hezekiah Early

b October 7, 1934 Natchez, MS

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Elmore Williams Jr.

b February 6, 1933 Natchez, MS     d February 16, 2016 Harvey, LA

Entered Army in the early 1950's.

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