Fontella Bass

b July 3, 1940 - St. Louis, MO   d December 26, 2012 St. Louis, MO
Sister of David Peaston.
Sang in the church choir at an early age. Graduated from Soldan High School
in St. Louis in 1958. Sang with her mother Martha Bass in the Clara Ward Singers.
Little Milton hired her in the early 1960's to play piano. Oliver Sain hired her
to sing and recordings were released through Bobbin Records. Some recordings
were produced by Ike Turner as Oliver Sain formerly played sax for Ike.
Fontella also recorded with Bobby McClure for Chess Records. in 1965
Fontella's song "Rescue Me" reached #4 on the R & B charts.
Grammy Song Award-Rescue Me (Chess 1965) in 2013.
It was also awarded a Gold Record. The Rescue Me band
included Maurice White-drums, Louis Satterfield-bass,
Sonny Thompson-organ, Charles Stepney-vibes, Leonard Caston-piano,
Gene Barge-Sax, Minnie Ripperton-singer, and Pete Casey & Gerald
Sims on guitar. Fontella has a Star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame in 2000.

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Frank Bauer

b February 27, 1967 St Louis, MO

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Frank Dunbar

b September 21, 1950 St Louis, MO

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Frankie Lee Jones

b 1941 - Mart, TX

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Fran DeLorenzo - Hobo Minstrel

b October 9, 1927  -  d August 13, 2013

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Banjo Fred Starner

b 1937  - d Oct 25, 2009 Los Angeles

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Fred Friction
Frederick Elmer Boettcher Jr.

b 1958

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