Gus Thorton

b October 30, 1951 - St. Louis, MO
Had a heart transplant on April 23, 2011

Gus was always messing with a guitar at an early age.  Around 1965 he joined a
gospel group. Next he joined a group in East St Louis where he learned many
facets of music. In 1972, Gus formed his own bands and five years later he
joined Albert King and toured until returning home and played the St Louis
area for several years.  He returned to tour and record with
Albert & Stevie Ray Vaughn in 1983.

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Glen Changar

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Gladys Kyles

Shelby, MS

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Willie Gatewood

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Graincar George - Jimmy Wright

Santa Cruz, CA

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Gale "Gaslite" Foehner

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Glen Faulkner

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Glenn Reither

Little River Band

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