Harry Simon

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Hardie Murphy

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Harold "Peanuts" Whalum

b Memphis, TN

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Harrell Otis

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Harvell Thomas

b June 19, 1968 Marks, MS

Harvell and his brother Dione played in the 2nd Sunflower Blues
Festival in 1989 with Johnnie Billington held at MLK Park.

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Stone Gas Band was very popular and included Howard Stovall-keyboards;
Terry 'Big T' Williams-guitar; Harvell Thomas-bass; Dione Thomas-drums;
Arthneice Jones-harmonica/vocals; and Patrick 'The Rocker' Murphy-vocals.
You can see a performance from Oct. 5, 1991 in Margaret's Blue
Diamond Lounge titled "Juke Joint Saturday night".
This Video recording also includes performances by Big Jack Johnson
and his band including Sam Carr, Big T and David Porter.

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Michael "Hawkeye" Herman

b January 11, 1945 - Davenport, IA

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Howard Young

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Homesick James

John William Henderson-James Williams-James Williamson

b April 3, 1910 - Somerville, TN (although James said he was born in 1904?)
d December 13, 2006 - Springfield, MO

in the 1950's. he worked with Elmore James and he claimed to be a cousin.

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Bill "Howlin' Madd" Perry
b August 20, 1947 Tula, MS
The Perry Family-Abbeville, MS

Went to Chicago in 1961 & returned to Mississippi in 1987

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Bill Perry Jr.

b September 7, ????

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Hubert Sumlin

b November 16, 1931 - Pillow Plantation-Greenwood, MS
d December 4, 2011 Wayne, NJ  burial in Homewood, IL
Funeral costs were paid by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

Handy Award Winner 2007, 2008
Blues Hall of Fame 2008
MS Blues Marker unveiled May 6, 2008-Greenwood, MS

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