Your Name?



Nico, Susie, Flash, Stella, Mecca, Fozzi, and Dianimator are names that are
in use by our members.  Members pick a new RatPack Name that they like or a
name that might represent their personality more appropriately than their given name.
So it's up to you, choose a new name, a new persona, and a new attitude
- we're all as happy as we choose to be.


Jailbait.jpg (28161 bytes)
My name is Jailbait, "What's your name Honey?"


SugarB.jpg (36287 bytes)
We're all named "Sugar Baby"!  


Telly.jpg (20021 bytes)
Hi, I'm Telly.  Who are you?


BeethSCN.jpg (25255 bytes)
Guess Who?


The Eight (8) Holes of
Gennus Rattus Partius Musicus

1st Letter of RatPack Name--------Dominant Traits

A B C -------- Sophisticated, Classy

D E F-------- A Doer, Fair, Honest

G H I -------- Strong, Silent Type, Loyal, Dependable

J K L M -------- Lover of Life, Happy Go Lucky, Carefree

N O P -------- A Lover, Sexy, Warm

Q R S -------- Sweet, Friendly, Sentimental, Cuddly

T U V -------- Eccentric, Whimsical, Light Hearted

W X Y Z -------- Party Animal, Wild, Unpredictable


WendyDOLL.jpg (19958 bytes)
I'm Wendy and I can kick Barbie's Ass!


LogIII.jpg (22812 bytes)
I'm Log III.  Am I Happy-Go-Lucky or what?  


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