Jesse Hoggard

b October 3, 1970 Jonesboro, AR

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Jameisa L. Turner

b June 4, 1985

Daughter of James "Super Chikan" Johnson & Evelyn Turner
3rd Cousin of Ike Turner
Niece of Andrew "Shine" Turner

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Jeanne Trevor

b Harlem, NY

Moved to St Louis, MO in the 1960's.

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Jeremie Horton

b July 23, 1989 Clarksdale, MS

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Jerry Liberty Justice

b July 12, 1935  - d April 23, 2008
King of the hoboes in 1996

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Jet Set John

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Joan Jett

b Sep 22, 1960

Grammy Song Award-I Love Rock 'N Roll (Boardwalk 1982) in 2016

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Joe Gerts

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Joe Link

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Joe "Iceman" Williams

b March 29, 1960

Brother of Terry "Big T" Williams

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Jay Kirgis

b March 6, 1959

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James "Jamie" Ross

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