Jeff Norwood

b October 3, 1961 Washington D.C.  -  April 22, 2012 Camden, SC

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Lil Jimmy Frost

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Jacque Williams

b 1954 - Chicago, IL

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Here's Jacque playing Xmas songs outside of Union  Station in Chicago
on December 15, 2006.  Jacque said it might be a good day
playing for tips.  If you're a fan of the World Champion St Louis
Cardinals, you can see Jacque playing in St Louis, Missouri too.
Jacque's a Cardinal fan and plays at many home
games in front of Cardinal Stadium.

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John Higgerson

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John Horton

b 1959 Arcola, MS

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As a child, John visited the Chicken Shack near Greenville, MS
with his father and heard many of the area bluesmen including
Roosevelt Booba Barnes.  John learned the basics from his father
who was known as Farmer John.  John continued to play in the area with
T-Model Ford, Sam Carr, and Willie Foster until he started his own trio.

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