JJ - J Jasper

b Jackson, MS

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Jerzey Bob

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John Lee Hooker Jr

b Detroit, MI

Shot twice, nearly stabbed to death, and spent over 20 years in the streets
with drugs and alcohol.  Gained sobriety in 2004 and started a new career.

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Earl "Little Joe" Ayers

Bass player for David Jr Kimbrough for 35 years!

b November 28, 1943 Lamar, MS

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Jesse Carter

b July 28, 1988 Gainesville, GA

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"J " - Australia

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James Alford

b Clarksdale, MS   -   d 2010 Clarksdale, MS

James was owner of the popular Smitty's Red Top at
377 Yazoo Ave in Clarksdale, MS until 1994.
I called him Mr. Kool. He was always calm, collected and Kool.  James had
an old Mercedes auto that was hard to start and he had to raise the hood
and use Quick Start fluid to get it going!  I was stranded one night about 2 A.M.
near Wop's BBQ joint and James offered to give me a ride back to
the Riverside Hotel.
James would sit in with the Wesley Jefferson Band or Big T and James would
sing an R & B tune.  His voice was mellow and I always enjoyed seeing him.
The 2011 Sunflower Festival was dedicated in his memory.

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