John Dee Holeman
b April 4, 1929 Hillsborough, NC
d April 30, 2021 Roxboro, NC

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Jenique Gulledge


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Johnnie Lopez

b September 28, 1949 North Hollywood, CA

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Johnie B. Sanders

b October 7, 1957 Chicago, IL
Started at an early age and played with all the Chicago greats.
Johnie told me he enjoyed playing with Johnny Belle Moore (born 1-24-1950
in Clarksdale, MS) in Chicago and that Johnny B. Moore was the greatest along
with Willie D. Warren (born 9-11-1974 in Stamps, AR. died 12-30-2000 Detroit, MI.)

Johnie met Iretta in Chicago and they were married in 1986.
They moved to Minnesota in 1999 and got tired of the cold
and moved South to Jackson, MS in 2016.

Johnie B

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Pearl Street Jumpers
Calvin "Jake" Brown
Larry Dale Morgan

b Cleveland, MS

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Joyce Jones
She Wolfe

b April 9, ???? Potts Camp, MS

Mother of Cameron Kimbrough

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Dicky James - Richard Allen Wagster

b June 2, 1956 Gary, IN

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