Henry James Crutchfield

b May 25, 1912 Baton Rouge, LA - d December 7, 2001 St Louis, MO
Known as "Buck" for his dancing ability.  Played with Little
Brother Montgomery while living in Louisiana.  Played with
Elmore James in Shaw, MS and came to St Louis in 1948.  A long
time favorite in St Louis, known for his barrelhouse style in the joints.

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James "Boo Boo" Davis

b November 4, 1943 - Drew, MS


In the early 1960's, James played with his brothers
and his father in a band called The Lard Can Band.
After moving to St Louis, he & his brothers were the house band
at Tabby's Red Room in East St Louis, IL for eighteen years.

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James Zell Givens

b 1952 Minter City, MS   -   d January 3, 2008 Greenwood, MS

Son of Maud Shack Givens
b 1927  d March 26, 2008 Greenwood, MS

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James Poe

b June 16, 1971 Port Gibson, MS

Manager WABG AM 960-Greenwood, MS

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James Whiting - Sugar Blue

b December 16, 1950 Harlem NYC-New York, NY

Grammy (27th 1984) Best Traditional Blues Recording

Recorded first in the 1970's with Brownie McGhee, Roosevelt Sykes,
Victoria Spivey, and Johnny Shines.  Played Europe with the Rolling Stones.
Played Chicago with Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Big Walter Horton,
Carey Bell, James Cotton, and Junior Wells.  It has been reported that he
got his name from a 78 record found in the street titled, "The Sugar Blues"!

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James Edward Warfield Jr.

b October 12, 1967 East St Louis, IL

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