John Parker Reed - J R Reed

d October 8, 2011 St Louis, MO

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John David "Capp" Tims

b January 1, 1957 St Louis, MO

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John Weston

b December 12, 1927 - Lee County, AR
d June 30, 2005 Brinkley, AR

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John Played mostly solo with Harmonica & Guitar.  CD's: So Doggone Blue
on Evidence Records; I Tried to Hide from the Blues on Fedora;
I'm Doing the Best I Can on Appaloosa;
Got to Deal with the Blues on Midnight Creeper.

These pictures were taken on April 10, 2004
at Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale, MS

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John Wolf

b December 31, 1951 - Washington, DC

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Rev John Wilkins

Son of Rev Robert Wilkins

b October 10, 1943 - Memphis, TN   d October 6, 2020 Memphis, TN

John is the son of Rev Robert Timothy Wilkins (AKA Tim Oliver) born January 16,
1896 in Hernando, MS and died on May 26, 1987.  The Rolling Stones covered
"The Prodigal Son", one of Robert's songs.  John grew up in Memphis
however was weaned at neighborhood picnics featuring fife & drum bands
in Northern Mississippi.  John following in his father's footsteps became a
minister in the early 1980's.  He led the congregation at Hunter's Chapel
Church in Como, MS that included many of the Tate County musicians.
He played with many musicians such as Otha Turner, Napolian Stricklind,
and Fred McDowell.  John's style includes Gospel along with Country Blues.
"You Can't Hurry God" is Rev Wilkins latest album.
Survived by three daughters: Tangela Longstreet, Joyce Jones, and Tawana Cunningham.

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John Lowe

b October 21, 1955 - Texarkana, AR

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John Ruskey

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John Bonds

b Memphis, TN

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Johnny "The Clock" Richardson

b Iowa City, IA

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Jon Erblich
Johnny Diamond

b January 6, 1956

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