Juke Joint Judy
Judith Margaret Bloom/Posvic

New Port Richey, FL ex SouthWest Chicago, IL

Started playing guitar in 1964 and played the blues on an old Silvertone.
Under the band name of "Pearl" played as a guitar duo with a friend.
On the same bill as Albert King in 1975, Albert asked Judy to join his tour
after hearing her playing the blues.  Judy was hesitant to hit the road on
tour and declined the offer.  After the guitar sat under the bed for over 30
years, Judy has again returned to the blues and played at Clarksdale's
2006 Juke Joint festival at Wade's Barber Shop.

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 I was fortunate in 2006 to see Juke Joint Judy sitting in at Red's in Clarksdale
with Big Jack Johnson.  Maybe you caught Judy in one of the Chicago joints or
out on the road.  St Louis Frank says, "You won't be disappointed  with
Judy and the real deal Jukin' Blues."

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