Lenny Frisch

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Lenny Pop

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Louis Arzo "Gearshifter" Youngblood

b February 14, 1953  Picayune, MS  d March 3, 2021 Jackson, MS

Plays a unique blend of country blues.  Learned about playing the guitar
from family members.  At age 16, Louis joined the Job Corps and spent
time in the Southwest.  At age 19, he returned to Jackson, MS and often
traveled to New Orleans to stay with his grandfather, Arzo.  Louis also
played with a Calypso band while living in Miami, FL and
working as a heavy equipment operator.

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Lucious Spiller

b September 16, ? St Louis, MO

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Roderick Edward "Legs" McNeil

b January 27, 1956 New Haven, CT

Legs McNeil: Punk from Connecticut makes good!  Huh?

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Yea, Legs was born in 1956 in New Haven, CT as Roderick McNeil, but his
family just called him Eddie.  Tired of the small town life and restless, Eddie
hit the big city of New York around the age of 18.  Eddie then met a
fellow by the name of John Holmstrom in the mid seventies and John was
interested in starting a magazine so that they could be "cool".  Eddie suggested
they call the magazine "PUNK" and Holmstrom gave McNeil the name of Legs
and appointed Legs as the "Resident Punk"!  So there you have it, the birth
of "Punk"; very simple according to Legs.
PUNK Magazine was published for four years, from 1975 to 1979.

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Legs McNeil is the coauthor with Gillian McCain of the 1996 book,
"Please Kill Me - The Uncensored Oral History of Punk."  Please Kill Me,
taken from a Richard Hell AKA Richard Meyers) T-shirt, is a free-for-all report
as told by the participants in the New York Punk scene of the 1970's.

The cast of characters include: Lou Reed, Andy Warhol, Nico, Danny Fields,
David Byrne, MO Tucker, Debbie Harry, Angela Bowie, Iggy Pop, Patti
Smith, Sam Shepard, Dee Dee Ramone, Joey Ramone, Stiv Bators, Nancy
Spungen, Jerry Nolan, David Johansen, Malcolm McLaren, Syl Sylvain,
Dick Manitoba, William Burroughs, Cheetah Chrome, and Jane/Wayne County.
Also quoted are Johnny Thunders, David Bowie, Johnny Rotten,
Alice Cooper, Todd Rundgren, and Sid Vicious.

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You'll love this book if you've ever been to Club 82, CBGB's, Max's Kansas
City, Kenny's  Castaways, The Scene, or Mothers or you have ever listened to
the bands MC5, Television, Stooges, New York Dolls, The Talking heads,
The Ramones, Blondie, Velvet Underground, The Heartbreakers,
Dictators, Dead Boys, Sex Pistols, The Clash, or The Damned.

Grammy Song Award-Never mind the Bollocks/Here's The Sex Pistols (Virgin 1977) in 2015.

Grammy Song Award-Heart of Glass Blonde (Chrysalis 1977) in 2016


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Legs was also an editor for Spin and Nerve magazines.  In addition, he wrote
for the film titled Still Insatiable, starring Marilyn Chambers.  Marilyn being
of Deep Throat fame.  Legs was also one of the authors of Lobotomy:
Surviving the Ramones
, released in 2000.

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During February-2005, Legs and coauthor Jennifer Osborne released a book
titled, The Other Hollywood.  McNeil's most recent book is based on the Porn
Film Industry.  Legs and Jennifer are shown here on March 8, 2005 at
Left Bank Books located in the Central West End of St. Louis, Missouri.

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