Lethal Lisa McCall

b December 11, 1961 Memphis, TN

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Laura Alice Craig

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L C Ulmer
Lee Chester Ulmer

b August 28, 1928 - Stringer, MS  -  Died February 14, 2016 Ellisville, MS

L C started playing guitar at age of 9.  He praised the guitar playing
of Blind Lemon Jefferson, Jimmie Rodgers, and Robert Johnson.
He played the Blues everywhere in the USA and also
played to loving audiences overseas.

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Benjamin Latimore

b September 7, 1939 Charleston, TN

Worked with the Hi-Toppers into the early 1960's.  Latimore backed for
Ben E. King, Slim Harpo, & Jimmy Reed, among others.  In 1973 a remake
of T-Bone walker's "Stormy Monday" became a big hit.  In 1947, "Let's Straighten
It Out" was a #1 R & B hit.  In 2017, Latimore continues to tour and record.

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Luther Dickinson

b January 18, 1973 - Memphis, TN

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