Macy Thomas

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Mae Wheeler
Lady Jazz

b May 14, 1934 Memphis, TN     d June 15, 2011 St Louis, MO

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A St Louis classic jazz artist that sang in Memphis, TN in church at age 4.
Performed on Ted Mack's Amateur Hour show in New York City in 1948
with the Gospel Hamoneers.  Shared billings with Pearl Bailey and
Count Basie.  Performed in the "GasLight Square" clubs in St Louis.
Produced annual "Diva" show and annual "Soulfull" concert in St Louis.
Recorded a live CD at the St Louis Sheldon Concert Hall in 2001 titled,
"Live at the Sheldon".  Also recorded "Just Friends" in 2003.   Mrs Wheeler
produced her final show at The Sheldon Concert Hall in St Louis, MO in October-2010.


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Marsha Evans

b August 4, 19??

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Mark Hummel

b December 15, 1955 New Haven, CT

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Mark Sallings

b April 11, 1952 Searcy, AR
d Feb 25, 2009 Crawfordsville, AR

Died in a two car accident on Highway 64 near West Memphis, AR.

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Marty Jones

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Matt Morell

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Matt Murdick

b September 16, 1969 Bonne Terre, MO

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Mr. Bojangles

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