Matt Haimovitz

b December 3, 1970 Bat Yam-Israel

Cello built in 1710 by the Venetian luthier Matteo Gofriller

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Morgan Freeman

b June 1, 1937 - Memphis, TN

Graduated from Broad Street High in Greenwood, MS in 1955.

2005 Academy Award Winner
Best Supporting Actor
Million Dollar Baby Movie

Started flying lessons in 2002 and progressed to instrument ratings in
May-2003 and multi-engine rating in June-2003.  Morgan owns two planes;
a twin-engine Cessna 414 and a Cessna Citation 501SP jet.
Morgan served four years in the US Air Force as a radar mechanic.

Owner Ground Zero Blues Club - Clarksdale, MS

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Marla Cummings

Texas Rapper

Daughter of Blind Mississippi Morris Cummings

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