Michael R. Frank

b May 5, 1949 Pittsburgh, PA

Owner Earwig Records

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Millage Gilbert

b May 24, 1938 - Jackson, MS     January 16, 2022 - Lawrence, KS

Moved to Kansas City, MO in 1962 and worked a steady job
until 2002, and always played the Blues.

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Melville Tillis

b July 28, 1928   d February 28, 2013 Clarksdale, MS

Owner of the popular Joint-The Rivermount located at 911
Sunflower Ave in Clarksdale, MS. The Rivermount operated from
the 1960's. Melville played trumpet for Ike Turner before teaching
in the Clarksdale, MS public school system for 30 years.

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Marquise Knox

b February 2, 1991 St Louis, MO

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