Joseph R. McLerran
Little Joe McLerran
AKA Son Piedmont

b July 16, 1983 Boulder, CO

IBC winner in Memphis, TN in 2009

Toured the Middle East in 2010 for 5 weeks with
David Berntson, Ron McRorey, and his father Robbie Mack.
Moved to Tulsa, OK in 1998

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Robert C. McLerran
AKA Robbie Mack

Colorado Music Hall of Fame in 2012
Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in2014

Father of Little Joe McLerran

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James Allen Mayes - Jimmi Mayes
Jimmy Mayes
b July 18, 1942 Jackson, MS

Moved to Chicago, IL in 1960.
Chicago Blues Hall of Fame on 10-16-2016

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