Nick Riggio

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Nathan Williams
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Cha's

b 1964 - St Martinville, LA

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Nathaniel Davis

b December 4, 1954  d July 19, 2007 Clarksdale, MS

INath Davis was a 30 year resident in room #8 of the Riverside Hotel.
If you have been a guest at the Hotel, you probably met Nath, as he was a friend
to all and everyone liked his easy going personality.  He always remained calm,
cool, and collected.  Nath assisted Rat from time to time and took time
to make the guests feel at home.  I  don't think you could find a guest that
wouldn't say something nice about Nath.  Nath had been ill during 2006 & 2007
and had been receiving chemotherapy in Jackson, MS.  After two days in the
Clarksdale hospital, Nath died on July 19, 2007 at the age of 52.
Over 200 people attended the services at Jerusalem Baptist Church and the
burial at McLaurin Memorial Gardens in Lyon, MS.  Nath is missed by all.

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Melanie & Nick Lubs

Ft Wayne, Indiana

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