New Roxy


The New Roxy

367 Issaquenna - Clarksdale, MS 38614

Robin and Matt started to bring the New Roxy back to
life in the New World District during 2008.
In August-2009 Robin became the sole owner as Matt
has moved on to a new adventure.

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Built in 1953 by A.N. and Sadie Rossie the New Roxy cinema was always packed during
the early 1950's and was one of the highest volume black theatres in the state of
Mississippi.  As the movie business declined during the 1970's, the original owners leased
the theatre to a number of different people, however further declines led to the closing
in the early 1980's.  In 2001, the building was purchased by Pamela Haskins of Atlanta, GA.,
however she ultimately decided that her plans for a community building could not
be accomplished. Next up to bat is Robin & Matt Bolden, purchasing the building in June-2008.

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Just to the north of the existing New Roxy is an empty lot which was the
location of the original New Roxy, which closed in 1953 and later burned down.

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The Sam Cooke MS Blues Trail marker was dedicated on August 7, 2009 in front of
the New Roxy.  A "Remembering Sam" panel was held at Ground Zero and the Cooke Family
made appearances on the Main Festival Stage on Saturday August 8, 2009.  Sam and his
family moved to Chicago in the early 1930's, however Sam returned to perform at Higgins
High School , Geo Oliver School, and 1st Baptist Church.  Representing the Cooke Family
at the ceremonies were L C Cooke-brother, Gwen Green-niece, Toni Cooke-niece,
Eric Green-nephew and Eric's wife Augustine.  Earlier in 2009, on April 4, 2009 a Walk of
Fame marker was installed in the sidewalk on Issaquenna Avenue.

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