Paul "Wine" Jones

b July 1, 1946 Flora, MS    d October 9, 2005 Jackson, MS

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 A farmer and a welder, but foremost a rough and ready Bluesman from the
old school.  Paul was well known in all the Mississippi Juke Joints and it was always
a wild party when Paul was playing.  His raspy vocals and upbeat style made
him a favorite.  His debut recording was with Fat Possum in 1995.  Also playing
with Paul on that CD are Kenny Brown, Sam Carr, and Big Jack Johnson.
The CD "Mule" is a fair representation of Paul's style and he did his music
his way.  He only wanted to sound like Paul "Wine" Jones.  If you missed
Paul live in a joint with Paul leading the party, you missed a
great time.  Paul will be missed by all.

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Paul Delay

b January 31, 1952-Portland, OR       d March 7, 2007-Portland, OR

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Paul was born in Oregon however he grew up in Milwaukee, WI and later
returned to the Northwest.  In the 1970's, Paul played with the band Brown Sugar.
In 1978, he toured with Hubert Sumlin and Sunnyland Slim-Albert Luandrew.
Bouncing back from a cocaine drug bust in 1990 and subsequent 3+ years in a
Federal pen in Oregon, Paul rejoined some former band members and was
back on the circuit again.  Paul had been a Bluesman on the Portland scene
and in the Northwest until his death.

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Raymond "Pat" Thomas

son of James "Son" Thomas
b August 13, 1960 Eden, MS

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James Henry "Son" Thomas

b 10-14-1926 Eden, MS    d 6-29-1993 Greenville, MS
AKA Cairo - Secretary - Son Ford - Sonny Ford

W C Handy Award in 1989 for Traditional
Blues Album - Gateway to the Delta.

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A traditional Delta Blues guitarist from off a plantation
near Eden, MS, that learned from his uncle-Joe Cook.
Moved to Leland, MS in 1961.  Played for a Republican Fundraiser
in 1983 for Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  His tradition is
now carried on by his son Raymond Pat Thomas.
James had a brother-Al Perkins, and a sister-Vee Allen.

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Peter Nande

b 1968 Denmark

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Paul LeMat

b September 22, 1945 - Rahway, NJ

Paul appears in the Movie Big Bad Love-MGM 1990 that featured
Arlis Howard & Debra Winger. R L Burnside, Kenny Brown
& Cedric Burnside also appeared in the movie.  Paul has
appeared in several movies through the years and appeared in the
1973 Film American Graffiti with Suzanne
Somers, Richard Dreyfus, Ron Howard, Mackenzie Phillips, Rosanna
Arquette, Harrison Ford, Country Joe & The Fish,
and Wolfman Jack.  Paul was driving that cool '32 Ford.

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