Shawn Kellerman

b July 4, ????   Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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Stephen C. LaVere

b December 11, 1943 North Hollywood, CA     d December 27, 2015 Greenwood, MS

Owner Blue Parrot Cafe & Blues Heritage Museum
Greenwood, MS
1990 33rd Grammy Award for producer Best Historical Album

Want to see a 1926 Packard Baby Grand Piano?  Well, just stop at the Blue Parrot Cafe which
opened October 1, 2004 and Steve will be more than happy to show it off.

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The Greenwood Blues Heritage Museum and Gallery has reopened at 222 Howard
Street.  The museum features historic artifacts pertaining to Robert Johnson
and other Blues Musicians, Greenwood local history and events.  222 Howard Street
was built in 1901, housed a hotel, restaurant, Elks lodge, dentist office, dance
school, pool hall, and various other businesses.  WGRM radio station was on the
second floor in 1939 and BB King made his first live broadcast here in 1940.

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Shirley Brown

b January 6, 1947 West Memphis, AR

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Sunny Ridell

b March 25, ???? Crystal Springs, MS

Sunny was in New Orleans in 1961.  Went to Austin, TX in 1971, and
then to Chicago, IL and then back to New Orleans in 1978.
In 1985, Sunny went back to his hometown of Crystal Springs, MS.

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