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Frank George Goessler Jr
b July 13, 1955 St. Louis, MO  d July 31, 2018 St. Charles, MO

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Walter Maynard Ferguson

b May 4, 1928 Verdun, Quebec, Canada
d August 23, 2006 Ventura, CA

Jazz trumpeter known as King of the High Note Trumpet.  Probably one of the
last truly great trumpet players.  He grew up in Montreal and started out on violin
at an early age.  He then switched to trumpet at age 9 and two years later was
playing with a top flight Canadian orchestra.  He quit school at age 15 to pursue
his musical career.  Both parents were musicians.  Moved to USA in 1948.
While living in New York, used LSD with Timothy Leary.  Moved to India in 1967
and back to USA in 1973. If you saw the "Rocky" movies, you heard Maynard's
trumpet and his top 10 hit recording, "Gonna Fly Now."   He produced more
than 60 albums and was nominated three times for a Grammy award.

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Bobby Shew - Robert Joratz

b 3-4-1941 Albuquerque, NM 

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