Spooney's BBQ


Spooney's Place
Greenwood, MS 38930

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You can call ahead (662 451-7453) and just pick up your order, but then you'd miss out
talking to LeRoy Kenter Jr, and you wouldn't know how he got the name "Spooney Wooney". 
Sit yerself down a spell, have some Bar-Be-Que and listen up.  You'll have a great time
visiting with Spooney who was born around 1950 in Greenwood, MS.  Spooney moved up
to Kansas City, KS to see his cousin in 1975 and worked in the cooking business there for
a number of years before returning to Greenwood in 1994.  Spooneys in Greenwood
opened at 112 East Johnson Street in 1996.

Sorry to say that Spooney closed uptown in October-2009.

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In 2010, Spooney is just cooking over at 404 Pelican Street in Baptist Town.
You can get the same old good "stuff" you used to get uptown.
Here's some photos in Baptist Town.

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