Steve Ladd Jr
AKA Bernie H. Smith Jr

b October 31, 1944 Denison, TX   -   d July 20, 2008 Memphis, TN

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A Blues Guy indeed, and well liked by all who knew him.  Steve frequented
the Memphis area and down into Mississippi for most Blues events.
MC for many events due to his excellent voice, stage persona, and knowledge
of the blues acts.  Since Steve's death, Steve Ladd Jr. has taken on the task of being
MC for the annual Sunflower Festival during August in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Here's a list of known stations and places that Steve worked with during
the last 36 years. KPFK-Los Angeles, CA; KVON-Henderson, NV; KFJL-Oklahoma
City, OK; KRRV-Sherman, TX; KIKM-Sherman, TX; KKDA-Grand Prairie, TX;
KNON-Dallas, TX; WROX-Clarksdale, MS; Ground Zero Blues Club-Clarksdale, MS;
Memphis Souls Project-Memphis, TN;  WDIA-Memphis, TN.

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Steve Ladd Jr - Yung Steve - Dat Dude
AKA Bernie H. Smith III

2B Down Entertainment & Production

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Steve Waldman

b September 28, 1945

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Steve Anthony

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