Sylvain Mizrahi

b February 14, 1951 Cairo, Egypt
The New York Dolls

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Sylvain replaced Rick Rivets in the 1971 original New York Dolls which included
guitarist-Johnny Thunders, drummer-Billy Murcia, bassist-Arthur Kane Jr.,
and singer-David Johansen.  The original Dolls first performance was at
the Homeless Shelter of the Endicott Hotel in New York on December 24,1971.
After a whirlwind rise in popularity, the Dolls headed to London in October
of 1972 to open on a bill for Rod Stewart.  While in London, drummer Billy Murcia
died on November 6, 1972 and the Dolls returned to the States the following day.

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Auditions were held for a new drummer and Jerry Nolan joined the Dolls.
The July 27, 1973 debut album on the Mercury label was produced by
Todd Rundgren (b 6-22-1948 Upper Darby, PA)
and was aptly titled, "New York Dolls".
Their 2nd album released in July 1974 and also on Mercury,
was titled, "Too Much Too Soon" and was produced by
George F "Shadow" Morton (b 9-3-1942  d 2-14-2013).

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 Mercury decided to drop the Dolls in  November 1974 due to trouble with the
Dolls' notoriety.  During this period, the Dolls couldn't get along and in 1975,
Johnny Thunders and  Jerry Nolan left in the middle of a Florida tour and returned
to New York to form the Heartbreakers with Walter Lure and Richard Hell
(AKA Richard Meyers b 10-2-1949 Lexington, KY). Sylvain and Johansen
kept playing and covered many of the Dolls' tunes with several other musicians,
however they parted ways in 1977 which ended The New York Dolls.

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On June 26, 2000, Sylvain released some New York Dolls' music recorded during 1977 with
Sylvain on guitar, Michael Page on bass, Bobby Blaine on piano, and Tony Machine on drums.

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During 2004, Sylvain and Johansen reunited and reformed the New York Dolls
with Steve Conte-guitar, Gary Powell-drums, Brian Koonin-keyboard, and
Sami Yaffa-bass.  Later in 2004, Brian Delaney replaced Powell on drums.
On July 25, 2006 the New York Dolls released their album titled, "One Day It Will
Please Us to Remember Even This", produced by Jack Douglas on Roadrunner Records.

The New York Dolls - Members

1971 Original
David Johansen-singer (AKA David Doll, AKA Buster Poindexter) b 1-9-1950 Staten Island, NY

Johnny Thunders-guitar (AKA Johnny Volume, AKA John Anthony Genzale Jr) b 7-15-1952
Queens, NY - d 4-23-1991 St Peter House Room #37 New Orleans

Rick Rivets-guitar (AKA George Fedorick) b 1949 Bronx, NY

Arthur "Killer" Kane Jr-Bass b 2-3-1949 Bronx, NY - d 7-13-2004 Los Angeles

Billy Murcia-drums b 10-9-1951 Bogata, Columbia - d 11-6-1972 London, England

Sylvain Sylvain b 2-14-1951 Cairo, Egypt     *REPLACED Rivets

Jerry Nolan-drums b 5-7-1946 Brooklyn, NY - d 1-14-1992 NY
     *REPLACED Murcia

Peter L Jordan-bass b 6-20-1951 fills in for Kane at times

Blackie Lawless-guitar (AKA Steven Edward Duren, AKA Blackie Goozeman)
b 9-4-1956 Staten Island, NY     *REPLACED Thunders for 15 days in May 1975 in Florida

Tony Machine-drums

Chris Robison-keyboard b New York City

Johnny Thunders & Jerry Nolan left Florida and returned
to New York to form the Heartbreakers

David Johansen and Sylvain part ways and the Dolls are history

A reunion was organized with Johansen, Sylvain, and Kane.
Added new members were:

Steve J Conte-guitar b 9-23-1960 New York City

Sami Yaffa-bass (AKA Sami Takamaki) b 9-4-1963 Finland

Brian Koonin-keyboard

Gary Powell-drums b 11-11-1969 New York City

Brian Delaney-drums b 1967 St Louis, MO    *REPLACED Powell in 2004

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