James Lewis Carter Ford

b 1922 or maybe 1924 Forest, MS       d July 16, 2013 Greenville, MS

T-Model was a character and known throughout Mississippi and parts overseas.
He moved to Greenville, MS in 1973,  and didn't start playing music until his late 50's
when he received a guitar from his 5th wife as she went out the door for good.
His music was raw and not polished.  He played with drummers 'Pickle', 'Spam',
and lastly with step grandson 'Stud'-Carl White.
In Greenville, he played regularly on Nelson St with 'Booba' Barnes and Willie Foster.
T-Model was known for his stories, his rowdy & raucous behavior,
and drinking Jack Daniels as he played.
He served a few years in prison for stabbing a man to death
with a knife. He often would show people the chain-gang
scars on his ankle.  T-Model said it was self defense.
He recorded a few albums with Fat Possum in Oxford, MS.

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Tommy Lee Myrick(Miles)

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