Wesley "Junebug" Jefferson

b March 23, 1944 Roundaway, MS   -   d July 22, 2009 Clarksdale, MS

Grandfather was Claude Jefferson.

Wes picked cotton & plowed with mules as the oldest of 13 children. Born to
sharecroppers, Mom ran a Juke in their house with fish, chitlins, moonshine, gambling,
and blues.  Wes moved to Memphis in the 1960's and frequented Beale Street
and picked up his first guitar there and also he played the drums.
Wesley returned to Clarksdale and worked as a mechanic at the Hopson Plantation
and played the blues at Smitty's Red Top.  Much of the time Wes played bass
and played for a time with C V Veal and later played with Sam Carr, Frank Frost,
and Bilbo Walker.  Other band members through the years have been Super
Chikan, Big T, Anthony Sherrod, Iceman Williams, Dr Mike, Rip Butler,
and Gladys Kyles.  Wesley always had music in his bones, even while a
mechanic at Hopson Plantation for 22 years.  He will be missed by all
the people that frequented the joints in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

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Willie Johnson

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Willie King - William Earl King

b March 8, 1943 - Prairie Point, MS
d March 8, 2009 - Old Memphis, AL

Handy Blues Award Winner in 2004, 2003, & 2001.

Raised by his grandparents when his Dad left.  Willie tried Chicago in 1967 but
returned after one year. Willie was a sharecropper, made moonshine, a salesman,
a civil rights activist, and all around hustler.  He founded the Rural Members Association
in 1983 to help improve the community.  He played regularly at Bettie's Juke near
Prairie Point, MS. In 1997 he started the Freedom Creek Festival at his farm.

If you like down home festivals, plan to attend Willie's Freedom Creek Festival held
on the 3rd Friday-Saturday each May at Willie's place near Aliceville, AL.  It was
always Willie & The Liberators, a bunch of Blues type people, neighborhood friends,
and whatever Blues musicians that might stroll in to just jam on a weekend in
the country.  You might see Honeyboy, Hubert Sumlin, Debbie Bond, and others.
Git yourself to Aliceville, AL and take route 17 South
out of Aliceville about 9 miles, then head West on County Rd 32 about a mile,
then turn right on County Rd 1 and go past the church and take the next right
which should be Old Memphis Road.  Watch for signs posted to git yourself
right on past Willie's digs and into the festival countryside.
If you're lost, then call 205 554-1795 and ask for help.  www.Willie-King.com

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Willie Kinard

b Feb. 2, 1944 Roundaway, MS  -  d Oct. 23, 2009 Clarksdale, MS

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Wilma Johnson

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