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Yard Dogs Road Show


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Conceived by Eddy Joe Cotton, Fletcher Fleudujon, and Miguel Strong, the Yard Dogs
started out in San Francisco as a small jug band. Several years later and they became
a full-blown tour group with burlesque dancers, jugglers, fire eaters, a sword swallower,
and an assortment of musical characters.  It's difficult to describe the goings on,
however it is very entertaining show with over a dozen cast members, numerous
costume changes, and a variety of musical scores that range from
campfire gypsy through blues, jazz, and rock.

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Eddy Joe operated as the main barker for the show which included "Guitar Boy",
"Hellvis", and "Miz Lily Rose Love."  You might have also run into Five Livrd Larry,
Sidecar Tommy, Lil Leila, Bellpodd, Tuesday Blue, Tobias, Ricardo, Washboard,
and the Hellvettes.  Their costumes were very colorful, the music was lively and
varied as were the acts.  Lots of spandex, fire, hocus pocus, music, snake medicine,
pretty girls, and a few circus acts such as Tobias The Mystery Man pounding a nail into
his nose!  It was show business at it's finest.

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