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J. Blair........New York, NY

Here's St. Louis Tommy accepting the ABAGNALE trophy
for website excellence on April 1, 2008.  The trophy was
presented by Abagnale Award Committee Chairman,
Fred Demara Jr. in the Empire Room of the Waldorf
in downtown Manhattan.
AwardFred1.jpg (14196 bytes)


AwardBoys.jpg (44822 bytes)
Later that evening, Tommy hosted a spectacular party
in the Starlight Roof Lounge for his old Bronx friends
from the James A. Thomas Center - Rikers Island.


St. Louis Tommy enjoyed getting out in the Big Apple for the
day to represent RatPackStLouis.com and especially
relished receiving autographed photos from
Derek Jeter, Rudy Giuliani, and Paris Hilton.

AwardJeter.jpg (22639 bytes)         AwardGiuliani.jpg (29020 bytes)         AwardHilton.jpg (22330 bytes)


AwardTommy.jpg (20743 bytes)           AwardVal.jpg (14763 bytes)
Not wanting to turn into a pumpkin,
St Louis Tommy reluctantly, but quietly
headed out at 11:50 P.M. with his
escort, MS Kimmy.


Congratulations St Louis Tommy - We love you man - Come Home Soon

AwardTomHat.jpg (15622 bytes)                           AwardTomTrophy.jpg (14262 bytes)

Tommy caught some of the sights while in New York City

AwardLiberty.jpg (20286 bytes)    AwardRockStatue.jpg (31960 bytes)    AWARDCarnegieH.jpg (54309 bytes)

AwardTSsign.jpg (30703 bytes)    AwardDaveL.jpg (34962 bytes)    AwardCBGB.jpg (29276 bytes)    AwardChrysler.jpg (7335 bytes)

AwardTSfrank.jpg (49827 bytes)    AwardTS1.jpg (24167 bytes)    AwardNathans.jpg (42720 bytes)    AwardBBridge.jpg (28787 bytes)

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